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There is an unseen forces that uses your energy without any effort being exerted or what we called Effortless Strain. You better look behind and analyze things first if you are a willing casualty of this unfounded circumstances. You got a whole 24 hours to do your day and yet you found yourself doing the same task or target on the next day. Why is it so? Maybe you are preoccupied with small things of a huge time eating activity. Think of an example that is the most common in everybody’s daily life. Is it the updating or keeping you updated with the happenings and little movement of the loop of acquaintances you belong like social media. You might be spending more time browsing for something irrelevant rather than the those you really need to complete a work cycle thus wearing you out in the end that you are somehow exhausted by the time you learn that it is half an hour before going out of your work place.

Do this little experiment, get a timer or  a stop watch and start it synchronously with the work official clock then hit stop every time you take a peek at your social media accounts of all types either through you smartphones, iPad or tablets, laptops and the wearable. Hit again the stop watch once you are about to continue your official work. After an eight hour period, get a pen and a paper to do basic mathematical analysis by getting the variance between the official work clock against the timer and you’ll see for yourself how many wastage of time you’ve spent in day that made you wear out rather than the supposedly extra mile accomplishment. Simple isn’t it.

As we try to multi-task things that has no correlation at all, our brain are bombarded with different set of things that is comparable to a computer screen that has more than a dozen of applications or file extension simultaneously open thus draining the battery at a faster rate than its normal operations. Agree? The same with your smartphones that it run dry its battery bar hyper actively if you’re working on at least 3 to four apps at the same time.

Salary wages are computed or based on the merits of a certain job description and its duties and responsibilities vis-a-vis with the eight hour period per day that a work and life balance is the root of all this standards we seem to overlook. Indulging yourself to numerous activity in an hour will simply wear you out abnormally and create a pattern of body repressions cutting out the best from you from thereon. For every aspect our daily lives, we are entitled to plan it and use it properly by putting up a cognizant approaches to anything that is important to us, one of which is to be updated. Take a better time and strategy to align the task either from hard down to the easiest or vice versa. This way you are creatively becoming the most productive person as you are without even knowing it as you will hit the sack without even an inch of tiredness and boredom.

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