Thank you my dear fellow bloggers and readers and followers for your never ending support in keeping this blog site as one of the most read blog site around the world. I am not only delighted but honored as well, with this, rest assured that an open ended tunnel of ideas are overflowing unto me that finding time to share it has become one of the most challenging aspect of my daily blogging life aside from performing the professional obligations i have with my carefully chosen clients. Without you there will be no Paquito Montero you can read on. Your usual excitement keeps me grinding fervently.

How many times have you been sick in a year? Ever wonder the mere simple yet huge impact causes it could’ve been? A trip to an E.R. are sometimes the first and last option to maintain your health on a proper check. Getting sick is truly costly isn’t it. Even if you are covered with an HMO the lost time due to being sick is honestly irreversible. Will you take it for granted once you were face with a coughing office mate inside an air conditioned workplace? Granting you did, then you’re in for low batting average for the next 48 hours if that person have been diagnosed with a virus. Air borne sickness due to the weather disturbances are abound since we are living in a tropical country where unpredictable weather condition varies from time to time. Even if you are just a stay home worker you cannot discount yourself to be safer than the others.

I am not a doctor nor a health professional practitioner but a kind heart blogger you love to follow. Allow me to share to you at least 5 proven preventive measure you can practically apply to your daily routine.

  1. Drink plenty of clean water, an 8 glasses a day is a proven way to maintain your body hydration. This help flush out salty, sugary body fluids once in your every trip to the rest room. Don’t forget to drink again after every trip.
  2. Eat healthy and balance  diet. Take a look at that Food Triangle hanging in your fridge door, they’re not there as a decoration but as great tool as well for your nourishment. Nobody told you to skip exercises right? Run the village for a cardio check.
  3. High intake of Vitamin C is the best and proven way  to keep your immunity system at highest. Calamansi/Lemon Juice contains the needed C for your consumption.
  4. Carbo-Protein-Fiber balance diet during your breakfast and lunch must be properly observe. Don’t let yourself starved to death by skipping meals as you are aiming for those six packs or shapely body. Better to have a nourished normal BMI than an acidic aching tummy of six packs you’ve been aiming for.
  5. Clean your room, house and office work stations. Dirty places breeds sickness causing bacteria or diseases. Ensure that your tiny fingers are always clean every time you hit the food table before eating. Take a daily bath and wear only clean garments. Remember that a healthy place is a wealthy place.

So, the next time you call your doctor that you are sick make sure that these 5 simple tips are always practiced and a part of your normal day routine. Hey, i got to go to the market for those half kilos of green mangoes and red apples. Try it and there’s no harm in trying isn’t it.

We knew ourselves more than anyone else, even when it comes to our health. – Paquito


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