Everybody must knew it, all it take is to be a kid once again if you wanted to be free of all the hustle and bustle of whatever level of age you are right now. The feeling of being a slave of the day doing nothing but joyful things. Running around, playing around as if there is no tomorrow. You just paused and think of this aren’t you. Question’s lingering in ourselves such us if i could just turn back the time of being a kid I could have made better things form what and how it is right now.

Days when our hearts were young and free from complicated things to think about. Years where we could’ve made and enjoyed the most of it. But life mysterious plays always tricked us to give-in with the more intricate and  complex things and situations rather than the simple ones. Or was it us who chooses what comes next to our  problematic and chaotic daily life instead of staying low and simple. We don’t  know yet till the strain of our actions slowly poached against us that we hurriedly get back to seek the lost time and energy of greater things our better actions must have done.


A simple bath is a great source of joy even for the transitioning infant by discovering things on their own. 

If i could turn back the hands of time as softly and sadly murmured in one song only reminds us the importance of being better to the coming time remaining in our days the we simply tell to ourselves , i wish I’ve done better and i can be better yet the best i can be by being a kid once more with what were up to, relentlessly doing things with a single thought in mind to explore and learn of what we got in our life right now.

No amount of joy can bring back the lost time but there’s a lot to gain by being a kid today.-Paquito


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