I will grant all your wishes and i hope you’re fine about it and your wish is my command . In most of the children movies a fairy or a genie always give only three wishes, why can’t they have it at least five or seven? have we ever asked ourselves why is it so? Here are a very simple lesson about it and i hope you’re fine reading all but one about it.

In my own humble opinion the three wishes a fairy or a genie were expecting from us shouldn’t be about materialistic things that sooner than later are most likely gonna end up nothing just like a water dripping from your faucet that will dried up and go down the drain of your sink once you are thru with it. The fairy or a genie doesn’t also expecting us to wish for things that we cannot hold on or known to control about as it was never been a part of our life ever since we were born instead they’ve a readily listening ears that they are prepared to grant with which are the wishes in relation to Faith, Hope and Love.

As the three wishes are all anchored in our mind, soul and heart. It is still in humanity they’re aware of that we can be better perhaps the best since it is within our control and proper judgement and contentment that matters in the end. I wish there will be the strongest faith within us to believe in whatever situation we have right now by hoping that we can expressed the true kindness and receive what we have been expecting from the start and loved the results that situation and all the things involve without avarice or a second thought in the end.

Wishes do becomes frustrations in the end once you start to want what you dont need. – Paquito 


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