More and more car manufacturers and communication companies are forging tie ups to bring on the road the first “self driving cars” of our generation. Many are quite excited but some are also twice asking if it is safe? Men have been so immersed with the wonders and potentials of the “artificial intelligence” that man also made and keep on improving to create a perfect one as equal  as the human intelligence. Did I said, equal?

If these so called scientist or tech-geeks or whatever you may want to call them are just into something that co-equates the human intelligence, then why create it in the first place? I am not a scientist or a tech-geek like these well researched and intelligent souls and also like you, we are not subscribing to the idea of something that is high above the normal scientific inventions or creations but we all knew right from the start the very cons of this scientific “breakthrough”…. it’s potential exposure to threat that might result to bigger problem and number one in the list is the loss of precious lives.

With the SDC “self-driving-car” artificial power, artificial eyes, artificial analytical system and everything that gonna make it run… artificial in nature, are we ready to accept the fact of hearing some news that read like “passerby died of head injury due to SDC” or something like this, “SDC accidents On the Rise due to Unpredictable Weather Condition” … Claims for insurances will most likely rise up and a new mandate to cover such condition should be discuss in the congress for further rules and laws… neutral to both parties and the population. If a system is running thru a PLC or set of programs the threat to hacking or mischievous acts will become the perennial problem in the future.

The technological advancement has so become intricate that it overlaps certain security blanket in every software or programs they’ve created. One of the biggest and prominent example is phishing, skimming and hacking. There are also fraudulent transaction involving an individual bank account in Asia that were emptied by a hacker somewhere in Europe. The word “advance” have been overused for a very long time and We haven’t heard yet any that says “Safest; Hacked-Free” because the one who are making the “anti-virus or security feature/keys” are also h.u.m.a.n. …..

Going back to the SDC, the way it is being built or improve needs another second look. You cannot just attached some go-pro-camera and control it wherever you are and tell the world that you are making the “self-driving-car” of the generation. Robotics and controls must come hand in hand , the same with where the SDC is about to deployed to…. memory-maps must be updated and the same with the local road and traffic rules of the certain place. Take for example the app-based car ride-sharing technology wherein they’ve encountered numerous loss of signal once the space between the satellite and the car becomes cloudy or obstructed by other signals/frequencies….. a potent for dangerous experience in the future. Greater challenges are facing the manufacturer and the communication companies more than we expect them to put one on the road within the framework of “preventing the loss of lives” and controlled technologies…. serving the peoples need to leave the idea of running the road with great carbon emission which has done so much destruction to our environment .

Your comments and suggestions are a piece i will treasure with for a fruitful discussion.

Driving requires senses, reflections and reactions… coordination at its greatest is the key to  safely arrive from one point to another. – Paquito


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