Hello my dear fellow bloggers and readers. We are now on the second of the multiple series of practical do-it-yourself pet projects applicable to your current and future needs. Let’s talk about windows, yes … that blank space just after your door, where we sneak a peek whenever somebody ring our bells at home. And where fresh air enters and circulate throughout the other window for a full ventilation process. There are a thousand types of windows either full or half and even smaller once. There’s no denying you wanted to prop it up and add a little spice of character to the wholeness or part of your house instead.

  1. Re-painting it is always one of the primary option you might want to do, bright colored tones or pastels as well as dark ones rejuvenate those big squarish opening your house have.
  2. Try to visit the nearest demolition-service provider in your town as you might stumble upon a piece of window that’ll matched your pet-project of facade works.
  3. You can add bris-soleil or movable baffles for the functionality solution you’ve been wanting for a long period of time, isn’t it….  louvers are the cheapest.
  4. Sometimes the most basic is the best option at hand, pick up those stored denims, polyesters or corduroys and have it sewn as a patch-up curtains, that’ll surely add a new look to that old window.
  5. There are those plug-in type or plug and play lighting products available in your nearest hardware, get a pro of electrical expertise to help you with this and add a dashing look to your facade with the windows are the highlight of your house in the middle of nowhere.

Remember again, that you can always achieve these simple suggestions through creative thinking and asking questions from a pro to have that five star look you wanna have.

Imagination is free , always begin with your desires and inspiration.-Paquito


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