Some want it so simple and some prefer it extraordinary. Whatever your choice is… there are still a lot to do and improve the potential overall look of your vertical access system like a true work of art. Grand staircases defines successful strata and magnifies the well being of its users or owners. Though it went viral during the Art Deco days it is still visible in any grand hotels or mansion within the enclaves of an exclusive community. Lo and behold , you need not to have a mansion or a large house to do the make over you wanted for a brand new look stair or staircases.

The best thing about today’s design and practical approach to any pet projects are the exploratory potentials any depot or hardware could offer. DIY shops offers a lot when it comes to “re-introduction” of a certain portion or part of your home. That even the tiniest screw can be found handily with the help of a group of technical savvy representatives to complete your buying date a wonderful one.

Stairs in most cases were designed or put up “neatly tucked” just to serve its purpose. But that small convenient conveyance holds a lot of promises when it comes to rebuilding it as the showcase of the house.

  1. If you’re contemplating of changing the treads surface, you can always choose from a variety of finishes ranging from vinyl to metal… as long as it fit your budget, the most obvious you can do for it to become “new one” .
  2. Tired of used wooden grab rails ? Visit an old scrapyard in your neighborhood and picked up some lengths of stainless steel tubes or galvanized ironed pipes and have it painted with your fave color to give your old stair a candy color tone that will grab everybody’s attention once they come in to your house.
  3. Even a simple balusters replacement works will do the trick as it embodied the side surface of the system. Repainting perhaps or change of materials of the most obvious parts which is the balusters by refurbishing or retouch works. Dont forget to add those small crowns available at any depot supplies.
  4. Everybody has been discussing about “boxing it” this is applicable if you got a wider or ample space surrounding your stair. The use of acrylic plastics and right illumination will give a new life to your old but reliable stair set. Mood changing lights not only freshened the stair but the whole stair lobby as well.
  5. Lastly, do you really need to change everything ? Look up above the cathedral high ceiling of the stair case as there lies the best option to hype it. A chandelier or LED lights might be enough… tight on budget , go get yourself to thrifshops  or antiques collection to get some catch or regret it for good.

You seemed gain a lot of ideas that you wanted to start a pet project in your home, do it and trust your instincts and let the neighborhood salivate  with your hidden talent results. Or contact the blogger for your professional  service needs.

Go up to look down and step down to look up, appreciation depends on the standpoint. – Paquito


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