They wanted to promote a friendly type of neighborhood but you are adamant to put in extra measures to safeguard your property. The fence stands between potential dangers and security at the same time. How do you sincerely feel about it? .. must be trusted all throughout just as the saying goes, “trust your instinct” . Fences can be made a thousand ways… some do it as part of their landscaping. So where do you belong is the most common question you got in mind once you decide to put up one.

  1. The most common are the concrete hollow blocks bearing intricate plastering works and an anti-intruder add-on to deter intrusion. If you are living in an “open” community, security is the most salient point you want. Building it as high as two-storey  dimensions with rows of palms behind it facing your house and the perimeter to make harder for penetration during night time.
  2. Let’s get savvy, try to have a combination of an alternating open-closed fence walls with steelworks serving as the wall in the open area. put some motion sensor lighting system to add beauty and security at the same time. Just make sure that the orientation of the open slats are opposed to the direct path of your main door to make it difficult for the intruder to discern the bad deeds.
  3. Have you seen or heard about multi-wall operating fences ? This is a type of a fence where most of the wall-fences are operable inside to act as a gate or entry point to accommodate more vehicles once you have a party at your place. In doing so, no guest is disturb during egress and ingress moment. Though some find it bizarre , some find it cool as it is best for corner lot properties with two or more road side for access. Try it and you will never regret it.
  4. If you are living in a well secured community, try to deviate from the rest. Utilize the luxury of having a shrubberies as your defining lines between pathways and roads going to your property. This will leave you the option to highlight the pristine look of your house in the entire neighborhood. Well lit landscape works adds character to your entire property during the evening. Dont forget to add several stones to make it perfect.
  5.  Why not grow those slender and greenish-brown Chinese bamboos ! The sound and visual effects are something you’ll die for. During wet season it grows dark green and transform into brownish shade once cold weather slip in… in addition to that try to tie ribbons of different colors in any branches to add vibrancy and cheerful vibes. And dont forget to water it …

We can always make a perfect five star approaches to any projects we think of, we just need to find the most practical and viable craft-work to achieve the unbelievable options which were once part of your imagination. And never forget to consult a pro for a better understanding and best results you’re expecting.

Fences are lines where we should get friendly with the community. – Paquito


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