Traffic is now like an air we breath that becomes a general part of our daily life, and it is causing millions of losses in terms of generated incomes accumulated per single day. Nobody will do something about it, to tame traffic for you… but you. Don’t let this ruin your day especially on this holiday season. You can’t help but join the thousand revelers trooping large malls and supermarkets to enjoy your well earned bonus. Let me share to you these 5 simple killer tactics to avoid being trapped in a horrendous traffic in the middle of the night.

  1. Don’t bring car instead hire an app based car service, in this way you can reach your destination without the stress of slamming your breaks every now and then due to bumper to bumper situation of the road traffic.
  2. Plan your trip to malls, what is the least crowded days you’ve observed in the entire week. Make use of it by sneaking past the highway during odd hours like mid-day to early after lunch time and you’ll surprise to find out that you owned the road back and forth.
  3. Is there any cheap hostel available within the vicinity of your favorite mall? Try to book a night and stay using those promotions they’re dangling for their customers and you’ll find yourself free of traffic stress and well pampered with goodnight sleep in comfy bed for  a night, you cant even experience the traffic since you’ll be leaving the hotel at exactly 12 in the daylight where people are mostly inside restaurants freeing highways of numerous cars.
  4. They say that the shortest distance is always drawn in a straight line. True ! Go to the nearest mall in your vicinity and you’ll end up appreciating the time solidly spent for your needs within the day. I bet the item you’re looking for is obviously available in that mall given the current boom in supplies we have right now due to  holiday high demand.
  5. This one sounds funny but , try not to leave your house and go shopping on-line instead for  a traffic-free delivery of your choices. Use the power of internet shopping and you’re bound to appreciate your home like you have never done before.

See , we knew the numerous solutions to our perennial traffic problem and it is just a situation created by people who choose not to be a part of it but ended up being a part of it in the end due to circumstances they probably unaware of.

People are a master of creating beautiful circumstances but also of ugly situation. – Paquito


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