Everyone must be on vacation mode right now, merrily celebrating the year of success and failures, discussed the strategic rebounds and recovery…. that’s how the world of Architects and Engineers randomly ends and its time to be subtle for several days away from the rigid pressures of milestones and commitments. Welcome to the kingdom of the built and reconstruction industry. Like other pros and amateurs, we do need to brief the people involved for the cycle of successful approach of a certain project, before we leave the office, site office and the actual site itself to celebrate the coming of a new dawn.

Another full twelve months of borrowed time needed to be carefully plan and spend in a right direction, stumble once and the remaining time are subject to re-planning or schedule to squeeze in important lost dates. But the biggest question lies ahead is how… and why?

The clue is right unto your nose, planners and all sizes of calendars are sprawled in every bookstore you drop by and even cafeterias offering hard bounds once you’ve completed a couple of dozen stickers. But again, does planning really bring in the desired results or near expectations? Or play it like the way most of your peers does which is just keeping a project per month for a total of twelve for the whole year affair that according to them are less tedious but  less profitable and stress.

No matter what or how your choices are, it’ll be a busy year ahead for all of us who are passionate about rigors and rewards of the industry. And it all boils down to marketing strategies we all knew about and further enhancement we need to stay in the competition. Here are my five proven and research backed suggestions to stay competitive.

  • Update your company profile now and have it delivered the very  first business day of the year.
  • Send thank you notes and renew the expression of interest towards a new endeavor.
  • Get publicized or promoted thru any internet portals especially products related to the profession and services.
  • Connect with the bigwigs of the supply and subcon side , in doing this you are enticing them to make it  appear that youre always available once they got a requirement needing your expertise.
  • Send an email and sms message blast to all those you’ve worked with and to those you seem to know as potentials in the future.

Be crearively tech savvy with the marketing and business development side of the profession and consultancy services as the clientele out there are always nitty picky when it comes to initial introduction. Make it the most impressive.

A thousand fishes never bite a bait incidentally, they’ve got preferences either in size, color or texture… Make yours as the most recognizable and reliable. – Paquito


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