We are always caught in shock whenever an “untimely passing” headline the news feeds of our browser, instinctively we look back at the specifics relative to the person involved. Death comes like a thief that we’ll never know when it’ll hit us. Chances are too difficult to guess unless someone is terminaliter male yet still unpredictable.

Looking back… it’s the way a lost life spent during the younger and peaked years that stay, the talent and distinct contribution of the chosen life which was music at its best that will serves as the strongest recollection we can have of him.

Allow me to share one of his best repertoire where the balance delivery of vocals and instruments sends shivers intimately to anybody who’ll gonna listen to the song “Where Did Your Heart Go” by Wham , Rest in Peace George Michael… like your music you’ll always be remembered even if this was your Last Christmas.

Where Did Your Heart Go

I spend my nights down on the wharf
In unlit alleyways
By the church downtown
Where Sally prays
Come down sometime
We’ll share a rusty can of corn
And listen to the radio
I love you, I love you, it says

Where did your heart go
Did you put it on a train
Did you leave it in the rain
Or down in Mexico

You cry, but I don’t know
I’ve heard it all before
There it goes again, the slamming of the door
Sometimes the river calls me
And at night it calls my name
Says “put your troubles down beside me”
Things have always been the same
And rock ‘n’ roll won’t teach me
What the river said that night
I jumped into this beauty
And drifted out of sight


Hits of the 80’s wont be complete without Wham, one of the British greatest music artist. – Paquito


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