Hello and Welcome to 2017 my dear readers and fellow bloggers…. Have you ever wonder why we keep on asking, what is the key element of a modest success a person has? I’ve got to use the description, modest… as we are not gonna discuss the likes of the top five billionaires of the world but those who find success at their own will, simple, doable and bring results on their table and dear life.

One of the best way to re-establishes our path is to remember to keep those people you’ve met in your first 20-30 years as the’ye gonna play some simple thing in your life on the way to success of your chosen direction, respect them and tell them how good they’ are in their crafts, hobbies and what makes them happy to stay motivated… chances are, they could be your greatest motivator or influences in the coming years. You’ll never know until you get there. Always bring or give your best call card, your smile as that is the best key to open up a tightly closed mind of your neighbor or co-worker. Everywhere you go, don’t hesitate to show that card,

This is how people see the kindness and inspiration from a man who have been getting strengths and motivation from his family and his master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Having started the realistic challenges of life at a young age… the man who’ve found life beyond scissors, wide table and sewing machines applied his utmost courage and beliefs in surviving the ruthless competition in the field of garment business in a little over 30 years of existence in providing quality and comfortable sports wear locally and for his international clients.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path… Psalm 119:105 

I keep on drawing guidance from Him ,  and of course with the unmatched help and devotion from my loving wife Marissa and our children. said Andrew

Man will always satisfy the four basic source of strengths to live a normal life…, family, spirituality, work and play. Most of the corporate life evolves within the Work-Life-Balance attitude, that there should be a demarcation line between the two in order to eliminate exhaustion in both aspect. Andrew has his hands full when it comes to indoor and outdoor activities. An active member of bike enthusiasts, he find relax yet recharge every time he rides his bike together with friends and church mate in trekking the slopes of the San Mateo mountain regions…. see the outskirts of the metropolis trusting safety in the Lord.

The bonding and the brotherhood simply provides a wonderful source of inspirations like what we have in a God centered activities at  JCSGO church, added Andrew.  Life never stop challenging us, everyone of us and in these challenges we make  commitment to be accountable for all our actions. And in trekking the right path with God everybody is assured of arriving in on our chosen life direction.

Brother Andrew Figuracion is married for 22 years to Marissa and a father of three boys… Arnel-26, Raymond-24 and Jhun-20; a businessman being the owner of Marvelous, a sports wear service provider, sportsman and a humble servant of God.

Find your pace and your place in a path God have created just for you. – Paquito


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