What a wonderful world…. if you’re to hear it by the heart, it will bring new and a very meaningful message to everyone of us. As we are fast approaching the year 2020, we couldn’t think of anything but be amaze by what the mankind have done to improve lives and trades. Things that we used to see only in sci-fi movies are now a reality. We can now converse through our wristbands with coded chips, monitor health and other agenda we put into its program. People are now traceable wherever they are.

On the other hand, these same advancement are being integrated with the destructive weapons capable of destroying a city or a hundred lives with one click of a finger. Mobile detonated improvised explosive device and drones are also on the same pace of improvement, given the man easy access to any of these. Before the year 2016 ended, many lives were lost in spate of incidents that we cannot be discounted as un-agitated. Even the democracy of the most powerful nation were tainted when a number of diplomat were told to leave the host country in less than 72 hours due to suspected election data breach as a result of malware , a.k.a. hacking. For in every good there is bad, every advancement there is constraint that man will not accept as flaws but simple glitch. This world will never be as a wonderful as it seems to be for as long as there is no perfect and balance deficit from across the human race.

It is the culture not the  people…. – Paquito


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