Most of you must have received and are still in the cloud nine thinking back to the time of hardship and sacrifices to get that far in your life, career and wisdom.  Accolades, awards and recognition are  symbol of excellence. It is the pinnacle of truth to ones contribution to any worthy cause or work. And there are only a chosen few, as in some cases this can be in groups or a team like in sports. Still, only the top performing individual or group are being recognized.

Like a kid full of questions, why is it so? why is it necessary and how come not all but one can get through it… even the playing field is neutral?

It is because of the motivational process the leader or manager created that drives to excel and the sustenance of equal spirit and dedication that makes the small and sometimes big difference. Focus and awareness to  wisdom of time not only exaggerates the winning formula but substantiate the needed effort to fulfill it.

All things have its own time, the line between it define its true importance. – Paquito 


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  1. Thank you Becca and Alex Foss, Andrea Giang, throughopenlens, joshi daniel and for spending your precious time reading the latest here… Expect more to come. Have a great day ahead.

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