Getting rid of a bad habit is one thing and being hopeful and honest is another thing. And getting off the bad habits is getting off with yourself…. weird,. So where do we start here, first let us define the word “bad habit” – we don’t need to look at any dictionary or use google to see its definition, by hearing it alone gives us the most basic verbatim it implies. Agree? How do we beat it, and why do we need to do it.

Chinese philosophers has rituals that serves as the key element of little things they keep into their practice, taking time to eliminate one by one the bad traits and patiently develop good ones to keep the positive chi coming and shut the door for the negative ones.

Putting up a master plan that in the first place you knew you cant even establish only create a vacuum of unsuccessful try’s… flop launch or failed start. Instead cultivate opportunities or potentials either small or smaller. Thinking that you can do what you wanna do, believing you can be anything you want to be is guileless and untrue as we can’t or have no control of the future. Better accept the fact that we don’t know it yet……… is hopeful and honest.

Control, Contribute and Consolation are the three C’s to get off with bad habits. – Paquito


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