In this never ending challenging days of our lives the list of to do things could run a line enough to trace the outer walls of our home. How do we do it only differs and why we gotta do it also differentiate one from another as to age, aspiration, target and so on. What we wanna learn here is how do this things of preparation translate into success of the daily outcome we are looking at.

Day’s run so fast that you can’t help but believe we are now in the middle of the first month of the year… looking back, it seems everybody is still recuperating from the key events of the previous year and are still figuring it out where to start… Let’s start the year strong by putting up a stronger daily list of activities we gotta do for a forward moving life.

  • Start your day early. There are a lot of successful people either extraordinary or an ordinary individual who always start their days early. A 5 minutes before 5 in the morning get up somewhere will bring you to a new dimension to figure out the next 8 hours of the day. If you do subscribe to the idea of “early bird catches the worm” thing, then you are for a big deal ahead.
  • You hit the bed so late that you can’t cope up to stand at 5 before 5 in the morning? Scientific studies shows that, people who have a strong body clock are those who see no reasons to get up at almost the same hours and minutes every day of their morning lives. This means , you gotta establish a body clock of your own that you’ll observed consciously or subconsciously even if you just take that needed sleep an hour before that 5 before 5 morning rituals.
  • Warm ups are a proven way to keep you at your best whenever faced with challenges ahead of the day. So how do you do it? You either jog, walk or do some stretching outdoor just within the perimeter of your house. Then a good shower will keep the sharpest mind in you all throughout the day. Do it 5 minutes after 5 in the morning.
  • Fuel up…. no cars of any kind could run or reach far without the needed fuel. Performance are greatly measured if the engine and fuel tank are both condition and filled to the brim. What does this means? Eat plenty and healthy. Office works or field meetings create stress more than normal. Facing them with full meal tummy and conditioned mind will surely pop up the accomplishment  bar.

So where down, get back to the list you made and see for yourself if you were able to put mark in all listed items, if not that means a little adjustment as to pace or prioritization works for the day. Do you need the help of others? I bet not, since you are your own engine, your own fuel and your own you.

Nobody beat himself but himself alone. – Paquito

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