What a great first two weeks it has been for everyone of us! With my brothers and sisters in the America’s looking forward to a new life in the horizon as they chase the dream of making America great again…. let me share to you a simple idea that pops up on my way home from a long drive down south. Happy reading and dont forget to click that follow button to subscribe to all the articles, unique articles as i wanna say only from your humble blogger from the pearl of the orient… here it is..

Have you had experienced the stress of indirect interrogation, where your words were seems to be scrutinized part by part. If yes, then welcome to the world of fault finder. As most of the people are far too busy to notice it, many low rank entry level rebel are falling into the traps of this webbed situation. Some are very good at it that you can’t even fault them for doing so even if its pretty obvious they are at it, as you find yourself the grit of the thematic way they’re delivering the alien words to you and finally pull you down flat the bottom of the ladder way.

Relax, you can’t be in the same place with them if you think that you are not one of them. Strayed those ideas like a handful of marbles and let them slip and figure out how to get up on their feet. But it is not that easy as what you think. You gotta do some research and get the fact-sheet clear before doing so.  Remember, it pays to be obligated and pro-active in arming yourself of the system or culture you are dealing with and working with. Find time to read and asked how it works and slowly camouflage yourself into a willing learner even if you’re not.  Dont be a bad ninja.

Dont accept the fact especially if you dont get the real source of conundrum. – Paquito



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