Modernization is the best word to described a transformation that takes in any place encompassing community development . During the 70’s specifically in the Philippines, a major highway labeled as Highway 54 is a long stretch of empty and wide road linking the north and south portions of the metropolis. Bicycles, horse driven hearse are the mode of transportation aside from few wide bodied cars driven by the elite class of the society. Industrial revolution’s swarmed the world like fire that there are only few country’s left without the modern means of transportation…. that was then.

Fast forward, that same major highway which is now called EDSA is a place of direct convergence of all walks of life. There stand in the middle is an elevated and sub-way-ed rail transport system exist and a wider congested highway is serving the millions of motorist of all types, including wooden push cart. Improvement infrastructure works were in place thinking that this could ease and comfortably give the road user the convenience of travel. Rain or shine it is the most busiest highway in the country that a couple of steps you’ll find lines of big developments, commercial, mixed-use, terminals, schools and most recently high-rise condominiums. Not that it adds up to  the multiple branch-out of side roads going to inner part of a city or place of work, posh subdivisions held their fence high with a long lines of full blown trees to address the noise and air pollution the highway motorist vehicle emissions create.

Several high rise buildings of open balcony type condominiums were built and are being build that they’re selling to young professionals seeking independent living and to those on the look out for a starter house located in the city. With proximity to primary needs of living like hospitals, schools, supermarkets and work-places and outdated travelling time as its lead marketing ploy, these buyer’s have no time to contemplate on what they’re having in the future. Add the “only few units left” strategies of these sales agents, buyers can’t help but give-in to the market.

The discussion points to vehicle emission as the leading factor that contributes 69% to the country’s air pollution. 90% of which comes from Metro Manila.

Air pollutants travel in all direction above that most of the would be victims are those living in an open type buildings which are prevalent along the highway spine. And to immediately address the issue, the occupant has no recourse but to close the windows and let an air conditioning system running 24/7 and see his power bill shoot without any let-up. Aside from future safety in respect to fall, it is high time to go back to the drawing boards and reconsider things first that we offer to the general buying public of a product where their blood and sweat and savings are their only means of purchasing power.

The real initiative must come from the conceptual promoter who in the aid of technical experts comprised of the Architects, Engineers and the Contractors must speak out their loudest when it comes to the safety concerns of the customers, especially their health welfare. Time to rethink what is safer than what is a seller. No wonder a high rise building located at the mountain were aptly designed and erected with due diligence to both safety and health concern of their prospective buyer. gone are the day’s where consideration for healthy living and safety utilization are the primary aim of the forms that follows function. Time to revisit the zoning master plan if it still useful for the next generation to come.

We are morally obliged to provide development that’ll served both man and his environment. – Paquito


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