The project success always depend with five M’s at hand. Materials, Machine, Money, Man & Methodologies and Management. There are some who’ve been into a deep pitfalls once a strategic imbalance of these five M”s becomes uncontrollable and loose like a raging bull. We all commit several blunders after failing to spot a potential red flag in any of the four M”s – Man & Methodologies, Money or Resources of Funding, Machine both small and large and of course the lack of or over supply of Materials at the project site where all challenges either simple or cloak in sophistication can be found.

The pitfalls are simply avoidable if you come in, well prepared and armed with the best tool if not the most applicable management planning software where you can expect at least an On-time and On-Budget projects that is a music to stakeholders ears which means business success and avoid numerous red flags in the course of the project.

There are many computer based project management tools readily available in the current market a project management team or project managers to choose from depending on the magnitude of a project. As for professional’s like us, we never settle for less as we don’t wanna be on the receiving end of failure and probable project collapse pertaining to it’s over-all effect to it’s business stakeholders and other entity. Consulting CM / PM firms never handle or lead a project without a variety of fact-checker or  actual comparative analysis that could help them dictate the proper tempo and pacing that project activities must have vis-a-vis with the prescribed schedule known to it’s future end users, which are the customers.

ProjectPro Inc. (through its continuing professional education) a professional service provider specializing in the exclusive distribution of Oracle Primavera software that has spearheaded the effective complexities of a systematized management of projects, Primavera series where they’ve just recently launched the Oracle Primavera EPPM 16.2 or the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions version 16.2, being the first two numerical character represents the year it was released and the last number denotes the latest version in the market.

A couple of years ago, PM’s and CM’s are wishing to have a user friendly interface wherein it can be easier to explain or presented not only to the project owners but to the those in the nick of monitoring it and the features it have with what they termed as the “dashboard” where the major monitoring presentation can be viewed real time. In today’s fast pace world of huge construction processes where progressive and multiple intricacies are a normal thing, a program monitoring tool like the EPPM  will aide us in real time as to it’s status and help us create a more adaptable next steps towards the right path to  keep the project moving in according to the planned schedule, which where shown to us with the partnership with Stanford IT during the exclusive workshop.

In photos are from WERR Corp. International Alberto Beejay G. Julaquit and Marie Judy Karen SF. Lat; Edward Javier of Asian Construction Development; Chiky C. Gonzales and Shael Gallenito both from ProjectPro and yours truly.

Everything is getting handy nowadays, we must keep ourselves at the same pace if we want to stay with the race. – Paquito


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