It was the greatest record deficit comeback ever made by any team in the Super Bowl history, down by 25… The New England Patriots led by Quarter Back Tom Brady forced the very first historic overtime and went on to win the 51st edition of the great American game 34-28 blanking the Atlanta Falcons to 31-0 rally. Allow me to share my observations and learnings after watching the game through a live satellite feed.

First is the –  Mental and Physical Toughness basically are traits a team player has, aside from a sound and wide peripheral view of the super-dome yard after yard. Focus is on the Ball not on the opponent makes this super physical game provide the beauty of the game where stronger more agile body and feet combination somehow guarantees a touchdown.

Second is an – Extraordinary trust to each member of the team, players are rarely seen whining or poking at each inability to match the forces being push as a resistance to get the upper-hand  of the game. I must admit that this is my first time  to witness the famous american sport. And the best thrust simply played the difference, the right force, direction and angle including its momentum to the catcher’s eye and hand and feet speed velocity to response effectively. Credit to the QB and and his team mates.

Last but not the least is the – Entertainment, Lady Gaga was simply Fanta-bolous!

Sports is like a religion, it has many believers and followers but the lesson is hidden at how they’ve played the game – Paquito


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