As promised in the previous article we will be discussing the ways, methods and strategies to help those earthquake victims cope up at least progressively towards recovery and eventual normal life. Most of you might be baffled with the tremendous impact this disaster had in the south, what are the possible scenario and how is it able to caused such magnitude in terms of damage, did somebody laid a blind eyes with those important documents pertaining to compliance of standard procedural requirements with the aide of technical pros during the permit issuance phase.

A lot of reports were widely seen in nationwide television indicates several material, workmanship, quality and stability flaws which could’ve been avoided during the phases as mentioned previously. where do we start and how do we start again, is the most basic yet high impact question these victims including the local volunteers and government unit involve in the process of rebuild.

This is the proper time to extend our pro-bono services especially by those in the areas of Structural, Electrical and Sanitary Plumbing engineers including Geo-technical experts and practitioners  to make the PROPER ASSESSMENT and Potential, Practical and Realistic and Cost Effective means of Rebuilding the city and its constituents. This is easier said than done I am sure you must’ve think about. But i must tell you that there is no challenge so hard that a man can hurdle. Agree?…

This is not the time to a blame game or point fingers to those whom they’ve thought could’ve failed to perform the proper duties and responsibilities of the powers vested upon them during the processing phase of submitted documents that became obviously ingrained with below-standard or sub-standard materials? methodologies? Specifications? Depth of anchorage or foundation system? And these are all technical in nature, isn’t it…. And the best person that could’ve provide the necessary expertise are none other than but You, Me and Them who are all duly registered and has the moral obligation to help conditionally in times like this or during the natural calamities.

Once were done with the assessment, we can now provide the technical recommendation to the local government units and the damage structures rightful owner to comply the necessary findings with the rightful owner rights on his freewill to select at his own expense the services of the same for his further use. Areas that will be identified as extremely hazardous to habitation must be avoided once and for all. Cost of repair or retrofitting works are expected to be significant as compared to normal repair works.

Ideally it looks like easy, seems readily available at first glance but it’s not as the professional organizations need have to pool and create a master plan sort of covering multiple issues and concern as to how they can be of optimum service towards the calamity.

Going back to the government side, it is high time that the National Building Code which was created through Presidential Decree 1096 be subjected for further revision that is adaptable and financially applicable to the city or municipality class of a certain region.

On our next article  posting, we will talk about the STANDARD SET OF REQUIREMENTS as prescribed by the Local Government Units to obtain a Building Permit.

Standards are prescription towards a common and safe grounds of humanity. – Paquito


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