A lot of experts have expressed their disbelief over the numerous schemes in order to address its perennial traffic problem. Lane barriers, Bus Only lane, Motorcycle Lane and the hundred heads of traffic enforcers, constable and higher ups occasional appearance to help manage the traffic  were seemed insufficient to instill time and motion efficiency as needed by the motorist on a five day work week span.

Is there really a permanent solution?  Casting doubts to something that still needs to be seen is what hounding the problem, throwing options after one another only confused the helpless motorist as to which is which to follow in terms of ordinance and enforcement.

Let us help our government in cultivating the best and most reasonable and acceptable traffic scheme by sharing your ideas or  a pinch of salt advise that you think is doable with the given challenges such as volume of vehicles traversing EDSA, odd/even scheme, number coding, u-turn slots, speed limit if applicable and many more. Please send yours using the Services and Consultancy link by clicking and accomplishing the space provided and dont forget to mention your name… who knows you are the genius of the modern road.

54 Unique but Applicable Solution to help ease and moderate the traffic at EDSA

  1. Close all the U-turn slots and revert to the original Left-Turn / Right Turn mode of traffic and efficiently utilize the traffic lights
  2. ….

Let us unite and help ourselves in promoting a better EDSA traffic. – Paquito


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