Entry level workers or employees all have the same outlook in company or organization they’re in and that is to get promoted. It comes in varied ways or protocols, depends in the organizations discipline or scope or services either in private or in government. But the mere question is, how is promotion being practice in most often or seldom ways if there is. This should be the very first question a candidate should ask during an initial interview in order to show the strong sense of loyalty towards the organization and make sure that the job role is diligently performed all throughout the tenure of engagement. What are the powerful tools,  if any… an ideal candidate for promotion must possess to be considered as one? Aside for the fundamental and basic studies, an MA, MSc or MBA perhaps Phd. degrees will help solidify the probability to nail that promotion that may come in laderrized or spot promotion. While long stay somehow qualifies someone to get promoted, it is only because of the job entails that is of single dimension in nature unlike in the mid-level management where competition is fierce and  where the politics are also at its highest. 

There are three P’s that needs to be consider if you want to get the sought after promotion in any organization either private or government.

Punctuality – most of the supervisors or mid level managers and the managers themselves often times overlook the importance of being punctual as some has a thousand reasons tuck under his belt just to buy his way out of the contextual notion of being late. What is the Plaque of Recognition for 100% Attendance is for if we’re to relax the policy of punctuality? Agree…

Performance – this is where the boys are separated from men, a lot of newbies who are MBA grads sometimes forgot to remember that it is still the experience as the best teacher in the corporate or government world. As the performance represents the 60% of the workers attitude pie, a lot are unable to understand that a big billing requires a bigger and nerve wracking performances… it is the near perfect output or inputs that matters most. Shooting up the sales charts doesn’t buy you a trophy of best performer but only gives you a shot as to how to sustain the initial salvo you’ve just kicked in. Gray-haired mid-level managers are a force to reckon with when it comes to sustenance of the same work output given from a pre-organized work deliveries day in and day out,  since the experience gained during the long stay have equipped him to be the a more reliable soldier from every battle endurance.

Professionalism – nobody get this from school… this is the Rosetta stone of each individual, the most crucial part the promoting body always looking at since the idea of promotion is to enhance or elevate the norm of the organization’s standard with the right person, talent and character including its extra ordinary critical thinking and ability to provide just and acceptable rationale without any emotions. This should be verifiable in nature with the vast experiences gained through self participation in any activity which is beneficial to his continuous professional learning and in sound management best practices through exemplary perfection of leadership.

Promotions are motivational force that drives people to work better and harder, aside from the love and dedication of what they’re doing, this is an avenue to expand the horizon of intelligence and commercial value of one individual seeking breakthrough change in his corporate life as a part of one great organization either in private or government but if the set of rules are change just to accommodate a bias results then it is not a promotion but nomination as a whole that can beat the essence of a great and healthy corporate workforce competition anchored to the basic long list of qualifications in order to the protect the competency of a given candidate, fair and square.

Experience as a whole is the histogram of facts that you truly have to lean on . – Paquito



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