Whew! … hot and super hot summer is here. People wanna take a break by hitting the beach, sip some cold pure coconut juice and eat some sliced green mangoes while munching barbecues in between dives. That’s how we picture it right and of course add up the pretty long lines of gym-prepared sexy and toned bodies of both men and women. And to those who got no lengthy time to hit the beach there’s a good option that is aside from cozy and offering marquee services it is within the metropolis… meaning you don’t need to get out the city and hit a long drive. Well to some who are providing this type of service have a word for it which is “play while you work or leisure at work” as you can stay updated with your daily grind through advance technology while you’re on the beach… or themed water park. Yes, you read it right… there’s a lot when it comes to number that is available 18 hours a day! And take note they’re all booked till the last day of summer and first week of rainy days. Wow that’s a great business I must say.

And that’s it, everyone’s summer is secured to be a blast due to many choices when it comes to where you wanna spend time snorkeling or diving and just simply dip and sip that juice while on dark sunglasses. Have you think of its further effect aside from getting the best vacation you wanted? You must… especially when it comes to your health …. while it is to seek meaningful and enjoyable time of summer to you, to some it is to seek health remedies.  Sun Sand & Summer  You just stumbled from your seat for sure… yes that is true! Hot springs, salt-water and running water coming down the mountain has high mineral contents that can cure diseases like scabies, skin diseases such as acne, eczema, warts and others. Even simple coughs and colds are better be cured by hitting the beach.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg, how about artificial? sands, waves, and even corals… while these are all great to experience at, you must somehow think of how it is being maintain? When we how we really mean how extra ordinary… if you’re to compare the sand from the beach against the sand “installed” in those artificial beaches, one thing always  come into my mind, how it is being “washed”? How do they conduct a “bacteria test” ? How do molds are being wiped-out? How about UV-Ion testing? Though we don’t wanna get too technical in this piece, still, the inquiries are quite meritorious to get the best answers to our questions as we don’t wanna go home sick or knocking the dermatologist clinic doors after a week or two of our rendezvous summer.

Hmmmnn…. I wanna try that white sand beach located a couple of stories high above sea level or maybe I rather enjoy the long drive going to the natural beaches and embrace the warm air and feel that grayish sand under my feet to generate magnetism as needed in my system to help me rejuvenate and feel extra ready for the work ahead. Enjoy your summer but do it in a healthier way.

People are always amazed by their inventions that forgot to be amaze naturally. – Paquito


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