The odds never been at your side but you keep on going until you hit  the right formula  for the success you’ve been looking for that you thought will last a lifetime … searching. The average age according to research in relation to man hovers between 80 – 90 years old, take away the 21 years of gearing yourself for the will give you only 40 – 44 years of successful run if you’ve worked your way up in a profession that somehow lasts better as you aged, like a doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer, chef, accountant, politician, bio-physicist, scientist, academic professor, radio commentator, trader, foreign officer, biologist, priest and many other jobs that requires continuous learnings and development in order to stay abreast and updated and in the main stream of life practices. It all indeed starts with a childhood dreams, perfected through discipline and dedication including surrounding influencing inspiration and guidance as provided by the people who loved us.

As man evolved and continuously learning the cyclical shifts of wants and needs, it creatively reversing the trend and expectation of every generation who are far more inclined to listen and abide by their own practical reasoning’s with the thought that days are becoming a little faster than usual. With the jobs being relocated to places where the profit margins are high versus the operational expenditures, people welcomed it with a positive thoughts that they forgot to factor in the time difference it involves for a seamless and on-time delivery of project or work output. A couple of centuries ago, it was people who needs to be relocated for thousand jobs to finish, in the recent and current business data… it was the job itself that is being relocated, the job is delivered to the foreign soil with a lot of valid consideration to be taken care of. Still, people flocks where the grass is greener even if the adversaries are high.

Diversities has become a normal scene wherever you go, as the people becomes more apparent of what they want in their own lives with an exquisite motto that says in acronym YOLO.

They’re so attached to it that they’ll stretch any single second to gain satisfaction in everything they got onto. Working like there’s no tomorrow and sleeping like our grandparents, getting nap in every idle second they have and stays awake all throughout the day. We all only live once but we must take extra care of our health for us to at least reach that twilight age of 80 with better eyesight, hearing and other senses. We gotta be aggressive in a more practical way as the more appropriate way to define that motto. To enjoy and be fulfilled with anything our hands got onto, inspire people we meet, celebrate birthdays of people surrounding us and let them feel that we love them more than they love us and we care for them sincerely.

Practicality is the best way or option we all have to live life to its fullest. With caution and satisfaction, your million dollar dream is achievable even in a most practical way you can think of… as long as you set your satisfaction and contentment, you only live once and at once you must live the life you’ve dream’t of.

Logical thinking creates happier life ahead. – Paquito


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