We are now heading to our five more to-do-list of the year, and let me ask you this… have  you done any of the listed we’ve covered? I hope you do! and for our truly exciting topic you’ll get amazed how we perceived things of the future and how we must positioned ourselves if we wanna get to the top or at least shall we say in the middle of ranks or the organizations you are belonging now.

It’s  not really about fruits literally but about getting tangled with people of the same breadth but from the other side of the earth. It’s now too easy to do that. The net portals has billion of ideas and people to meet at. You’ll never know what and how things might flourish but it’s the idea of getting a new link or a new connections you really needed. The talent you might be looking is not available to your place but from a far place of Scandinavia? Who knows the same guys is on the look with the expertise you got at that moment in time. Nothing is impossible now and all seems to be possible right away !

Everybody’s in the net, from smartphones to iPad’s and even in smartwatch. Where are you here is the next question, are you ready to be picked up if you’re into picking up the fruits of the other side of the world?

It’s not a difficult thing to learn other foreign languages right now , with the help of google you can write in as many languages as you want by just clicking the translation button. You can even write in the most difficult Chinese character and even hear it. Nothing must hinder you to reap the fruits of the other side of the world.

Ni hao ma! – Paquito


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