Am sure everyone who read this has that appetite either low, mild, or aggressive type of risk! We’re not kidding here and you’ve just ask yourself this  “really, do i have that inner thought of feeling it?” aight’… So curiosity once again is howling at us.

The individual’s appetite for risk depends on what is something they’re into right now. It may be long before standing dream to achieve something, or an out of the moment interest to pursue something that will surely make them look, feel and outright good… enough for them to say, it’s worth trying at all.

The scenario’s of what if’s and what if not will be taken out of the picture. And that according to science will lift up the desire to try for more, aggressively riskier things, tryst or whatsoever gonna create a monster in you progressively. Then there’s the picture of losing. How much are you willing to accept? How well will you face the obscure result of expected downside? Never look outside of your fences once you’re facing the dark side of losing such as.. start all over again, go back to drawing board, create a new way of strategic planning to overdo the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats that have resulted to losses.

Isn’t it by these exhilarating excitement to see success along the end of the line is what make it more worthwhile? The countless sleepless nights and extended meet ups seamlessly weave new friendship, acquaintances and camaraderie?  Then let’s assume its just a draw-down thing and something of temporary in nature that’s gonna meet its end soon. You are a risk taker not a common one if you find your adrenaline shoot up in doing or perfecting the research and consequences.

And am pretty sure before you reach this paragraph you’ve been thinking of those things you’ve passed up and never bothered to take a second look. Go on, it’s your appetite that’ must push you and not your pride that’s been holding you back.


Like the food palate of every nation, everyone has their own appetite for risky agenda.

– Paquito



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