Unpredictable, deadly and instantly sow fear and distress to mankind. Creatively works its way to wrecking light to heavy damages to our surroundings from infrastructures, buildings and even to rural lands. The wrath and its fearful recollection usually leave a psychological scratch called phobia. It’ll take time to go back or to regain the normalcy as it used to be thus the tendency to speculate and play the predictor till another earthquake struck our well being and right frame of mind.


The usual response admittedly like everybody else,… panicked. Chaos brought mixed feelings of fear, uneasiness how to act properly as some were moving without the dead set direction to proceed to safe grounds or places as previously pre-identified during the drills and simulation in preparation to such unpredictable disaster. The question is why? Your answer is as good as mine and let’s just leave it that way.

Necessary Things to Do After an Earthquake

Earthquake don’t last long like it used to be in the movies but it’s damages will. And there we have to do the necessary actions and reactions in order to limit the potential danger it might cause once the natural phenomenon totally stop… in relation to it’s movement.

The Post-Disaster Audit Works

First and foremost we need to ensure that you and your loved ones were all safe and well informed of what just happened, information must be shared and seriously understood before doing the actual audit works. The suggestions are applicable to small dwellings and high rise buildings as well as infrastructures and the like.

It is highly recommended that the actual inspection shall be done by individuals or group of duly registered or licensed professionals who are knowledgeable and trained to perform such technical inspections. And if you can’t afford the services of these professionals, you may seek the help of the local government unit engineering office to conduct the said audit works.

How, Where and What… of the Audit Works

Utilities – start with the basics, water lines and power lines inside your dwellings or buildings shall be thoroughly check to avoid potential additional damages once these utility lines incurred breakages such as leaking lines, ruptured connections for water. Any unusual observation from its water meter indicates damage along or anywhere of its branches. While for the power supply, you can start checking the main panel board of its breakers if it’ have switched off automatically that likely indicate a short circuit transpired during the incidence. Performance of continuity test to determine no lines were broken is highly suggested.

Ground attached or perched Floor pavement – Visible cracks or hairline cracks are indications that the concrete bulk have performed during the shaking of grounds. Big or small cracks must be taken seriously.

Basement Walls, Floors and Columns – it’s not only a crack hunting game for the inspectors but alignment as well, If it’s too dangerous to do the actual audit, deployment of drones and other remote controlled cameras are your best option to proceed accordingly with the inspection.

Upper or Suspended Floors and Roof-decks – huge damages are obviously visible and not to be touch once an auditor and safety officer said so. Chipped tiles or floor coverings are a testament of strong movement displacing it from its bondage.

Perimeter Walls and Glass Facades – Most of the wall coverings were product of plastering and should not a cause of panic in the first place, not until the inside portion is highly visible form the outside then you got a big problem waiting to be address sooner than later. As for those pre-casts walls, cracks are only expected from joints with sealants. And shouldn’t fall down from its fixed elements such as beams and columns. Chipped off paints is nothing to worry about.

As for the glass or window panes, high rise structures were designed to withstand wind pressures and buckling during shakes and must be able to play with the motions or movements of its framework where it’s attached. Look for sealant fractures and glass breakage to lessen the potential injury.

Ancillary services such as water tanks, heaters or boilers including it’s motor unit systems should be check for it’s line alignment, anchorage or mounting elements in order to ensure the normal performance of its operation. A lot has to be done for this particular portion of your property including but not limited to leaks, normal to emergency switching of power supply to name a few. You better take the third party service providers for this one.

Space transition elements such stairs, ramps and hoisting systems urgently need the expertise of your third party service providers or contractors as they’re more experienced and better equipped to perform such tasks. Anything that has motor or engine to drive or use it should be leave to the hands of the experts.

We can help you run the post disaster audit works of your properties should you need an expert advise that you find the intricacies way too difficult to solve and ensure the sound performance of each building elements once the needed post review works are done, you may reach us through this link
and let’ us provide the lead in conducting the needed technical inspection.


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