Our Humble Beginning

Your future business project partner and reliable technical service provider, F. E. SANTIAGO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY is a duly registered management consultancy firm in the Philippines essentially providing consultancy services, such as feasibility studies, detailed architecture and engineering design, as well as project and construction management. Our strengths in conceptual project inception, detailed design and engineering development practices, technical due diligence, project execution monitoring, and post-project-audit close-out are the bedrock of our professional services. Our team’s understanding and discipline with the built environment in addressing the global challenge towards the achievement of sustainable project genre are hinge through the standards of Green Building Design.

Founded in 1998, the firm started out as the F.E. SANTIAGO Design Group and has been steadily growing while achieving the clients’ goal, solidifying our core strengths and consistently learning from the luminaries and advocates the best practices of the built industry and actively networking with trade experts,… F. E. SANTIAGO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY continues to employ innovative and practical sequence of solutions to address the many challenges of any given project.

Our Driving Principles

We take pride of our best commingle of disciplines in the three major importance of collaboration of Architecture and Engineering + Project and Construction Management + Green Building Design that is operating in the value of WorthIntegrity and Confidence.

Our Mission

Partnership in Motion.

Our Vision

One of the driving force in the industry of POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP and INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION in the arena of management consultancy services.

Our Commitment in Fostering Change in Times of the Pandemic

As we consistently promoting our company mission Partnership in Motion , we seek nothing but the safest and best health practices as mandated by the CDC / WHO / DOH and LGU’s wherever your project/s are situated. We are duty bound to lead and educate our team in the professional practice and in the preservation of a healthy community. FESMC

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