The world has been shaped by genius minds and dedicated professionals in design and built industry. Simple and complex collaborations are the results of what the world are shaped right now even that simple chair you are sitting in was a product of an architectural and engineering masterpieces. All ideas are welcome, express your genuine ideas and learn how humble beginning could technically shape the environment for a given time. Architecture and Engineering students are welcome even those seasoned professionals in government and private practice to express and share your unique ideas of design, methodologies to build and practical management under the strictest form of aesthetics, strength, practicality and functional efficiency.

Post Disaster Audit

Project Controls

Urbanism, How Often It (must) Change?

The Magic Behind Fabulous Water Features

Housing Problem, Is it an Architectural Challenge or Not?

Architecture & Engineering Marvels, It’s Limitations and Realisation

The 5-M’s of a Successful Project Everyone Must Remember 

Transition Period and It’s Importance

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