We are all business minded people. Our chosen career paths are just the role we have to perform to live the life we dream of and everybody’s skill set to trade and negotiate are a default pattern of our genes. From abacus to super computer, the principles are either improved or run through a well researched fashion with only single target envisioned and that is to earn the healthiest wealth on earth. Let’s talk about money so that the money will talk for us in the end.



Business is My life

Reliability , How do You Nurture it ?

Rebuilding means Strengthening , What You can learn from the CP3 Trade and Its Corporate Significance

Dealing with the Fault Finder The Easy Way

Business means Busyness

Business Development for Architects and Engineers for 2017

I can tell you why you need to pursue that business and i can also tell you not to push through with it after we lay the cards on the table. Ask me how… Partner

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