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We Are What We Are

Messed Up

Assuming Up?

Originally Fake

Expression of Frustration

Business Losses, A Potent Pill to Success – Coping with the Devastation

Coping with the Devastation

Defying Orders

One Road to Success

Natural Disasters – How It Shape the Earth and the Humankind

Damn if You Do , Damn if You Don’t

What Have You Done Today to Make Those People Surrounding You Happy

Surplus Impulse

Top 5 Reasons You’re Bound to Win the Lottery

Share Your Passion – My 18 TDL



Create a Legit Personal Site – Your 18 TDL

Adventure, Adventure and More of It – My 18 TDL

Academic Excellence – My 18 TDL

How to Practice Just-Enough Social Media Use on a Daily Basis

Greeneries of Memories – My 18 TDL

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai

Of FAQ’s and Help Button

Self Improvement Programs – My 18 TDL

Travel – My 18 TDL

Network of Business and Friends – My 18 TDL 3

Finance – My 18 TDL 2

Health – My 18 TDL

My 18 TDL

Hello 2018

Let’s Soar Higher

What’s Forever For…

October 2017

You Got Issues, Confront It!

The 4 R’s of Success

Regaining that Steam


Chola said…

Akala Mo Lang Yun !

Saying Sincere Sorry – Chola

Hugot pa More – Chola

Hola Chola! 

It’s not Impossible but I’m possible ! 

Perching on Others

Healthy Emulations 


To Stop Fake news , Start it with You

Branding Yourself 

You Only Live Once – YOLO

Creating Traffic that Matters

Lent, Repent and Your 7 to-do-list During the Lenten Season

Throwback Thursday Literature

Working Tired or Tired of Working 

Calculated Risk

No More No Less

How to get a Promotion, Learn the 3-P’s

That Kid Stuff in a Man’s Suited Heart

Highway 54 

BPO – The Truth Deserve Respect

Ride Sharing Services Who does it better? And why the public riders have easily adapted to it without a haste… 

The Importance of Technical Pros in the Construction and Documentation Phase of a Simple Residential and Commercial Projects

When Compliance becomes an Issue

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

How to Battle Your Bad Habits

Pressured? Remember the Rules of Engagement and Stay Calm

Trekking the Right Path with God

Thank you 2016 , Welcome 2017 

Making New Things

Paquito Montero Milestone Alert! 201st Article for the Year 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone

The Powerful Songs of Christmas 2

When Temper Flares

Reconstruction for Your Convenience

Wonderful at 73

No to Fake News

Boiling Point

The Powerful Songs of Christmas

5 Killer Tactics to Avoid Traffic Jams

How to Plan your 2017 within the remaining 27 days of the year

Why Do People Write..

Five Star works for Fence or Perimeter Walls

The Random Analyzer

Five Star works for Stairs

Freeze the Moment

Five Star works for Garage or Carport

Five Star works for an Entrance Way or Driveway

Five Star Fenestration’s or Windows

Five Star Portals or Doors

Five Star Series of Articles Coming Up !

How Do You Offer Your Tomorrow

That thing called Blogapalooza Experience

TEKA – Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio , An Inspiring Experience of Cakes & Toppers

Political Polarization

Waiting Game

Dressing up your Bedroom like a 5-Star Hotel Room

We Want This Fight

That Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game

How to Sing like a Pro even without any Formal Training, 10 Practical Proven Tips

Self Driving Cars…. How Safe it is?

Remember The Voice and the Memories Forever

Luckiest at 44

Winning Basketball Games thru God’s Words

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao versus Jessie Vargas

Buying a New Ride, You heard it right! Portia is the name Selling is Her Game

The Joy of being a Kid

The Climate has Really Changed

The 5 Lesson’s We Learned from the “never say die” Spirit of Barangay Ginebra’s Buzzer Beater Winning Moment

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

Blockbuster James Yap / Paul Lee Trade !

How Keeping You Updated is Wearing You Out Tremendously

Safety over Profit

Chances of Checking Change

Why Think Small When You Can Think Bigger !

How to Easily Execute Your 2-Bedroom or 1-Bedroom Condo Unit Retrofitting Works Successfully !

Meralco Bolts vs Barangay Ginebra, The PBA Governor’s Cup Finals It’s NSD team in Game 7

It’s a Trap ! Falling into Unreliable Detail

Blurred Lines and Fine Photographs , The Wedding Art Photographer – Iyo Gaudite

Seven Magnificent Reasons Why You should Hire a Professional Architect for Your Renovation Needs

Five Simple Things to do Every Weekend

When Credibility is being Challenge

Chasing Client Confidently

Employment Working Status, How it is affecting the Workers Performance and the Company


Originals, Replica and Overruns What’s the Real Difference? I dare say Nothing!

Interdependence Why it Matters?

They Came, They Saw and They’ve Conquered the Grilled Blue Marlin at Marlin’s Grill

Marlin’s Grill, Serving the Best Grilled Blue Marlin in the City!

How Easy is easy and How Hard is Hard?


Keeping the Intersections Always Open Beware of Xing-Blockers

The Ber Months of 2016

Why Don’t We Eliminate the Mosquitoes for Good, to get rid of Zika, Malaria, Dengue etc.

Are You Perfectly Ready for the Holidays

Why Do We Love the PBA 

Going Up! How does it feel to be an Elevator Operator

How to be a Good Promodizer

How to Achieve a Drug Free Society

Cheers to our 100th Blog Article !

Everyone’s a Hero of our Lives

Rainy Season Instasafety Moves

Let’s Eat Healthy, Let’s Eat Organic! Peoples Champ-o-rado 

Does a Shared Public Restroom can be Considered Green ? 

Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Let’s Always Try to Avoid Earthquake Damages Holistically

Learnings from the Rio 2016 Olympics games

USA Dream Team FORMALIZED GOLD at Rio 2016 Olympics Men’s Basketball game, Demolished Serbia Team Final Score 96-66

How Do Sauces are Affecting Your Mood? Foods taste “yuck” without it!

More to come Mayet + Max’s Birthday Song to Remember

Serbia LAMBASTED Australia! Will play USA in Rio 2016 Olympic Men’s Basketball Finals Game

USA Outplayed Spain 82-76 Rio 2016 Olympic Men’s Basketball Semis game

Exciting Rio 2016 Olympic Men’s Basketball Semis Games

How U-Turn slots are killing our time on the road.

Woman with Ink, The reason behind the storied tattoo

Who’s your Pick for the Men’s Basketball Finals Game in Rio 2016 Olympics

Winning by 33 or 3 is a Still Win ! Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Warmest Thanks To You My Dear Readers around the Globe

Women, No More Queuing as Shopping is Obviously a Ladies Thing 

USA Men’s Basketball blast Australia in Rio Olympic Games 2016

Why winning a competition is not what we think it is?

ALDUB Fans and their Fandom’s D.N.A.

Pokemon Safety 101

SILVER for Hidilyn Diaz Philippines

Convention, Exhibition, Sales Drive What do these 3 have in C’mmon ?

Athletes to Watch in Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremonies Wonderful !

Diving into the Depths of Thesis

Expecting always the Un-expected ! BEATING FAILURE 101

Watch out ! An Interview with the Hottest Photographer of the Millennials

The 2016 US Presidential Elections

The Power of being Straightforward

Rock-Round the Clock Fun in Northern Marianas Islands! Saipan, Tinian & Rota

Gatsby Night at UAP QC Chapter Induction of 2016-17 Officers & Committees

Weekdays are the Color of Money

Rio Olympics 2016 – Chronology of Games

Paquito Answer for the Day version 2

Paquito Quote for the Day version 2

Paquito Answer for the Day

Paquito Quote for the Day

Now Brewing 90’s of 2016

the Cyberpark 1 & 2 Megawide MEPF Staffs

Watch Out for the next Article!

The 2016 version USA Dream Team

The Eurovision 2016 Hosts Performance is Truly One for the books! 

Drones, Make the Most out of it Responsibly, Dutifully and Productively

The 7 Not So Secret Things When Saying I Do’s

Happier We Wanna be and Goodbyes We seek Convincingly 

Living Alone and Away 

The Unforgettable  FIBAOQT Manila Experience

Success 101 The ALDUB Phenomenon Why They’re the Most Inspiring Love Team on Earth right now

Having Fun and Enjoying the Rainy Day’s Do’s & Dont’s

When Losing is Winning

Have a Break – 5 Simple Ways to Re-Organizing Your Days 

The Wider Depth of Reflections↑snoitcelfeR of htpeD rediW ehT

Warning Heavy Traffic Ahead, The Thin Line between Traffic and Progress is Discipline

Five Amazing Reasons Why We Listen to 90.7 Love Radio DJ’s

An Informative Essentials in Air Exchange Enhancement Inside High Density Public Places

Negligence and it’s Overly Price Consequences

Recovery but for How Long? Tips to to beat the Agony and Frustrations

Ten Feet-ingly Surefire Ways to Eliminate Foot-Bad-Odor or FBO 

Package Counter How to Avoid Getting Lost of your Items/Things 

Gilas Pilipinas 4.0 The Road to Rio is by Turning the Silver into Gold 

55 Years of Faithful Love and Devotion of Benny & Linda 

Devastation Beyond Imagination Independence Day 2 Resurgence 

Think Before You Speak 101 Ways to Avoid Misunderstanding & Conflict

How to Outsmart a would be Attacker in Public Places

Great Games is best with Great Pizza, the 2016 NBA Finals 

The Power of Solar

The lesson we can learn from that Strength in Numb3rs of the GSW

Reconsidering Urban Life as Rural location is Regaining its lost appeal once more

10 Extraordinary traits that makes a Filipino qualified to be on a Mars Mission without Returning to the Earth

The Power of Recharging and Everybody needs it

When decorating is hurting our Trees

The 15 points Advantage why I love the 2016 NBA Finals

Digital Highway is this the primary solution to the slowest internet were experiencing ? 

Career Extreme Opus – CEO 

Coping with Infra-improvement works adverse Effects 

Internet Hacking and Identity Theft the Probability of becoming a Victim without Knowing it

12 Things I like about Running, Jogging and Brisk Walking

Our Drainage System 

Navigation How Important it is to humans 

A Vacation that Simply Enjoyable and X’citing to you and Family

Maintaining your Scraps profitably right

Traffic, Clogged-Streets and EDSA short and long term solutions right in our nose

DPWH Leadership

Your old books are new to others’

Travelling NOT for Russel Westbrook read why!

The Millennials prefers not Gold, Silver and Bronze but Cash

Safety in Work Places needs HIGH-RISK-CHECK Analysis to Eliminate Untoward Incident and LTA

2016 Oppo PBA Commissioners Cup RoS sweep or Extend

Take your pick! Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunders

When is the right time, right?

Summer heat 🌞

Mothers Day Tribute

My First Ever blog post and here’s what to expect from here on 


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